About Us

Sphynx cats have wonderful personalities. Apart from having extraordinary personalities, they are very loveable, curious, attention seeking, sensitive, affectionate and social cats. They love to be in the middle of whatever you are doing. They are very active and playful. They love to cuddle and sleep with you under the covers when they get tired.

Our family has an Adult Care Home where we specialize in caring for people with dementia. We got the cats as family pets and also therapy for our residents which have been successful and even more wonderful than we could have imagined for us all.

Even though Sphynx cats are considered "hairless" cats, this is not always true. They can have some fuzz- similar to peach fuzz on their bodies. This can come and go throughout their life. They can also have hair on their nose, ears, feet and tail etc.

Once you own a Sphynx you will never go back to the everyday "cat". Sphynx cats are simply superior in cleanliness and you never have to worry about cat hair left on your furniture or clothes. Sphynx cats are not completely hypo-allergenic, but the lack of hair and a weekly and/or bi-weekly bath seem to eliminate or at least reduce the reaction in those few people who have a reaction to them.


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